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A Whole New World by Nita Erlien

This blog post is brought to you by an artist I’ve been admiring for a while now. I have been following along with my Instagram-Friend Nita’s watercolor journey over the past few years. It has been amazing to watch her tackle complicated subjects with great success (self-portraits!!). ENJOY! A Whole New World Magic happens with

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We have a few crows that visit out yard on a fairly regular basis. We like to imagine that the same crows visit, but who knows?! Given our current delusion, we’ve named one Maggie. We think Maggie had crow babies (“nestlings”?) and that she brought them to our yard to feast on the suet cakes

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If One Door Closes…. by Leanna Weber

My fellow watercolorist Leanna Weber graciously agreed to provide the content for my blog this month. Leanna is an artist from Oregon who excels at florals, landscapes and portraits to name a few! Enjoy!! Hello there!   I’m Leanna of Leanna Weber Art, formally Leanna’s Reflections Photography.  When Jeanne asked me to do a guest blog

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Juried Shows

During this down time from teaching, I am working hard at getting paintings ready for juried art show submissions. What that means is that I’m doing a lot of second-guessing about the objective quality of my artwork. This is both helpful and, well, rough. In February I submitted my work to be a vendor at

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Just Be Happy by Alessandra Hayden

When I was first asked by Jeanne to write a post for her blog, I had no idea what to write about. I thought about something my husband would say: “start from the beginning and work your way down”, so that’s what I’ve decided to do. Let’s begin! I am Alessandra Hayden, crochet designer, art

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Three Tips for Painting Loose Florals by Audrey Moon

This month’s blog post is brought to you by artist Audrey Moon of Audrey Ra Design. Audrey creates loose watercolor art from her studio in the Chicago suburbs.She is a well known watercolor instructor through her website and ENJOY: 3 TIPS FOR PAINTING LOOSE FLORALS Hi there! My name is Audrey Moon of Audrey

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Learning Never Exhausts the Mind ~Leonardo da Vinci

Today began the Semi-Private Watercolor lessons in my home studio. I hosted 2 students, both of whom had taken classes from me before. This first class we tackled painting a plant cutting in a clear glass with water. The main goal today was to show the importance of values when painting an object. I created

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Finding Your Artistic Voice by Katie Harmon

This month’s blog post is brought to you by my artist friend, Katie Harmon. Katie creates amazing ink and watercolor art from her studio in Olympia, Washington. Her work can be found at several Olympia area locations, including Splash Gallery and Gallery Boom. ENJOY: Finding Your Artistic Voice By: Katie Harmon, Ink & Watercolor

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The Guarantee of 2023

Well, here it is, my second annual new year’s post on this lovely website. I know you’ve all been waiting for it. Yep, me too! Writing’s not my thing, you see, so when a new month rolls around, I take a deep breath, procrastinate for a day or two ( or a week or 2),

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