Happy New Year! (hey – it’s still January!)

This year I’ve made goals for 2022. I prefer that term over resolutions simply because it feels less threatening to me. I can work to “achieve goals”, but failing to keep my resolutions just seems depressing. Tom-ay-to/tom-ah-to, I know.

Here are some of my Goals for 2022:

1. Learn portrait painting – if you’ve ever been a student of mine, you know that I have steered clear of portraits but it’s finally time. The worst that will happen is that I “waste” some paper, but I know that all the mistakes and “bad” paintings will contribute to my growth as a watercolorist. Bring it on!

Here’s my starting point… 🙂

2. Enter a juried show at least once per quarter – this means I need to be painting, a lot! Of course I am always painting, but I will be spending more time on individual pieces separate from teaching or for product development. I’ve already entered this piece in an online show based out of San Diego:

3. Display my work in a gallery – again, this means I’m painting a lot and that I will produce a body of work that will be a good fit in a local gallery. So far, I’ve submitted an application to be a guest exhibitor at Whidbey Art Gallery. Wish me luck!

4. Partner with local retailers to sell my products and teach watercolors – I’m happy to say that my greeting cards are now being offered at 2 local stores! Find my cards at Frills and AR Workshop, both in Gig Harbor, WA. Yay me!

5. Teach Acrylic Pour Painting – I’ve taught this to one or two people but never to a group. It’s such a fun painting experience and I’m sure it will translate into a fun learning experience. Plans are in motion to do this at a local venue this spring!

What’s on your list of goals for the year? I’d love to hear about them. I believe it’s good to talk or write about these things because you never know who you might inspire to do something beautiful.


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