That word probably elicited a response in you. Was it, “oooh, so much to see!” or “ugh”?

As a creative, it’s at least a part time job being present on instagram and let me tell ya, it’s not good for the psyche most days. Mostly, it’s a rollercoaster at best.

high scary roller coaster against gray sky
My emotions when opening Instagram

“I need to post something to keep people interested in my art”

“I have nothing to show for myself today”

“why are there so few views”

“wow, that got a LOT of views, I wonder why?”

“what should I write about that?”

“people can be so rude in the comments”

“people are so encouraging in the comments”

How I want my emotions to be when on IG

I’m trying like hell to just enjoy Instagram but the fact remains that it is an important avenue for getting people to my website and hopefully to see and enjoy my art. I’ve stopped trying to figure out and beat the algorithm. Nobody has time for that.

There are a lot of things to enjoy about Instagram. I love the encouragement, the ‘friendships’, the collaborations, and the amazing creativity of people! Just this week I scored a dozen bagels from a woman who will be opening up a bagel shop in my home town, that was definitely an Instagram WIN.

My resolve is to be authentic when posting. Everything you see me posting will be a peak into the art making world of Jeanne Anderson. It may be the progress I’m making on a new painting, class preparation, or possibly a time lapse of a painting I’m working on.

[I will confess that I do occasionally use the filters available. Listen, I’m 58, and makeup can only do so much!! 🙂 ]

Do you frequent Instagram? Do you post? I’d love to follow you even if you don’t follow me 😉 .

Excuse me while I go create a new Reel……

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