2022. It’s just a flip of the calendar page, but it is oh so much more than that.

Goals. Paintings. Classes. Students. Collaborations. Products. Possibilities.

On Jan. 1 I started working on my goals for 2022. I very much would like to be accepted into a juried show this year. I’ve entered one so far (fingers crossed). In addition, I submitted a request to be considered for a spot in a local gallery (I guess we cross our toes for that one 😉 ).

In anticipation of the above being successful, I’ve begun planning my next few paintings. I want to revisit some material I painted years ago and test my growth as a watercolorist. I’m hoping to revisit the tropical Bird of Paradise bloom, let’s just hope there is a possible trip to Hawaii for further study of the subject matter.

close up photo of a crane flower in bloom
Photo by Eugen Proskouriakov on Pexels.com

In the next few weeks I hope to have 2 new classes uploaded to the website, Beginning Watercolor and Watercolor Journaling. I’ve had to delay recording of these classes due to a cut and a burn on my painting hand. Delaying one more week will not hurt and it will certainly make for better viewing for my students.

What would you like to see me paint this year? A favorite bloom? A particular bird? A scenic overlook? There are so many possibilities and sometimes it’s really difficult to narrow it down, so thank you for your help!



selective focus of smartphone
Photo by Monstera on Pexels.com

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