The Guarantee of 2023

Well, here it is, my second annual new year’s post on this lovely website. I know you’ve all been waiting for it. Yep, me too!

Writing’s not my thing, you see, so when a new month rolls around, I take a deep breath, procrastinate for a day or two ( or a week or 2), and eventually I sit down to write a blog post.

It’s not that I don’t have things to share with you, it’s just that writing about them isn’t how I can best communicate them. I’d much rather show you some paintings, drawings, class syllabi, pins – you get the “picture”.

So let’s look at some pics instead:

One of my 2023 goals is to improve my portrait skills! I started that journey last year (it was one of my 2022 goals!! Yay me!!) but I’m at a point where I need to level up. I think that I’m too stuck with my reference photo and too afraid to venture too far from it. I want more life and personality to show through! Wish me luck!!

I had a lot of fun creating acrylic pour paintings in November. Always such a fun and exciting adventure. Never sure what I’ll get but I liked just about all that I created. I’m going to be doing more acrylics this coming year. And I’m making myself a promise right here on my blog, to perfect my resin game. It’s been a difficult road, but I finally am starting to hone in on what NOT to do and believe me, that’s more than half the battle!

I did a few commission pieces this past year – one for my brother that took me quite a long time and a second for my nephew and his wife.

Lastly, I did a lot of teaching in 2022! It is one of my great joys to sit with an individual or group and open up the world of watercolor to them! I taught at the community college as well as on at a local facility that fosters art education. I provided private lessons to individuals – always fun!

A difficult lesson in my Beginning Watercolor class at Tacoma Community College!

That’s a very brief review of my studio’s 2022! I’d like to share my goals for 2023 but they are still being formed. Maybe I’ll share that next month!

I can guarantee you that I’m doing a lot of planning and painting. It’s not always Pinterest worthy, but it’s a joy to create regardless!!


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