A Whole New World by Nita Erlien

This blog post is brought to you by an artist I’ve been admiring for a while now.

I have been following along with my Instagram-Friend Nita’s watercolor journey over the past few years. It has been amazing to watch her tackle complicated subjects with great success (self-portraits!!). ENJOY!

A Whole New World

Magic happens with a paintbrush!

Hi, my name is Nita Erlien and I have been a watercolor artist for 3 years. 

I have always loved looking at art. Looking at art I have often thought, “I wish I could draw” or “I wish I could paint”.  And then I would leave that thought and get back to my daily tasks. 

One day on a whim, I thought I would try my hand at painting. Drawing was hard, and the painting turned out terrible. It was dull, and chalky and not like the watercolors I admired. I almost quit right there. But my sister gifted me a professional grade set of paints and nice brushes…and when I used them I was mesmerized with the paint reacting to the water, the transparency, the layers. I was hooked. 

I have been painting almost every day for 3 years now. It’s exciting to sit down wondering, “what happens if…” and try something new. It’s exciting to look at normal daily things and think of how I can try communicate those colors and the mood and moment to someone else. It’s exciting to see my skill grow little by little with the daily practice.  It’s exciting to not only be an onlooker in the art world, but an active part of it. 

To Jeanne and all veteran artists, thank you for inspiring and challenging me.  Thank you for sharing your world with beginners like me. And if you are an art appreciator, but not an artist…it truly is amazing how beautiful the world becomes when you pick up a paintbrush and paint. Try it.

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