We have a few crows that visit out yard on a fairly regular basis. We like to imagine that the same crows visit, but who knows?!

Given our current delusion, we’ve named one Maggie.

We think Maggie had crow babies (“nestlings”?) and that she brought them to our yard to feast on the suet cakes which I provide from Fall-Spring (they’re on their own in the Summer, I mean, come on!)

Anyway, with the dreaded holiday approaching (AKA: Halloween), sorry, not my favorite, I thought it was time I painted some crows.

I painted a lot of crows.

I painted a whole murder of crows!

Of course, I added some flowers to a few of them. I couldn’t resist.

Some I love, some I like, others didn’t make the cut.

I decided to mount each one on cradled birch panels with gel medium and then seal them with varnish. I find this to be a great alternative to framing. The expense of framing often keeps me from hanging my paintings and enjoying them, but by putting them onto these panels, I can complete the process myself and immediately hang them.

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