If One Door Closes…. by Leanna Weber

My fellow watercolorist Leanna Weber graciously agreed to provide the content for my blog this month. Leanna is an artist from Oregon who excels at florals, landscapes and portraits to name a few! Enjoy!!

Hello there!  

I’m Leanna of Leanna Weber Art, formally Leanna’s Reflections Photography. 

When Jeanne asked me to do a guest blog for her, at first I was honored and then I was terrified.  Haha!  I am not a writer and I am sure you will see that today as you read this.   

As I was considering what to write about I kept gravitating to the subject of change.  

Going from being a busy, creative high school senior photographer to a self-taught artist was a bit of a challenge.

I loved being a photographer.  I loved my clients and my peers. I especially loved making teens with no confidence feel (and look) like supermodels.   I loved creating and everything about photography.   

What I didn’t love were the expectations and unsustainable pressure I had put on myself.  

And then there was perfectionism.  

There came a point when I realized I was hurting myself by working too hard doing what I loved.  I didn’t love it anymore and I had lost all my creative spirit.  Letting go of my dream caused a lot of grief.     

After some time off to heal and reflect I knew that creating was part of me.  It always has been.  It always would be.  

One day I picked up some watercolors to play with (I hadn’t painted since high school).  It felt amazing and everything I was trying to figure out came to me.  

I wanted to paint creative portraits of people which I loved so much as a photographer, but first I need to learn the medium.  So, I practiced every day.  

I am still finding my way and although portraits are not my specialty yet -I find them quite difficult.

I am on this watercolor journey that I absolutely love and I am truly grateful for my crazy busy life as a photographer where I learned so many skills that I incorporate in my new art.  

I love being an artist and being part of the art community where we share and encourage each other.  

I love learning and exploring new mediums and I love getting to know new friends and clients.  

It feels great to find me again.   

The moral of this story is…    

 It’s never too late to find a new dream.  Like the saying goes, “if one door closes…”  

If something isn’t working for you, YOU have the power to choose a new path.  That next journey may be what brings you the most happiness and fulfillment of your life, besides grandchildren of course!

You can find me at www.LeannaWeberArt.com 

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