Learning Never Exhausts the Mind ~Leonardo da Vinci

Today began the Semi-Private Watercolor lessons in my home studio. I hosted 2 students, both of whom had taken classes from me before.

This first class we tackled painting a plant cutting in a clear glass with water. The main goal today was to show the importance of values when painting an object.

I created a mixture of cadmium red + cobalt blue ( + small amount of aureolin yellow) to use as our underpainting. Although in this case, the underpainting was THE painting. We varied the value of this hue (a lovely purplish gray) to create the shadows that you see when you can visualize clear water in a clear glass.

Results were amazing and we all learned and enjoyed our time together!

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We have a few crows that visit out yard on a fairly regular basis. We like to imagine that the same crows